From 1st April 2005 new legislation came into force, which states that all new boilers have to be condensing models. We specialise in the field of boiler installation in Edenthorpe and are approved installers for Baxi potterton, Ideal, Worcester, Vokera boilers. Doncaster Plumbing & Heating supply a ten year manufacturer’s warranty on any new Baxi potterton, Ideal, Worcester, Vokera boiler.


When it pertains to boiler installation in Edenthorpe you have 3 options:

Combi boiler installation in Edenthorpe – A ‘combi’ boiler eliminates the need to store hot water so there’s no hot water cylinder inside the airing cupboard. (A modest radiator may be installed within the airing cupboard so that the airing room can still be used.) The boiler is both a high efficiency water heater and central heating boiler. It runs ‘on demand’ and supplies hot water to the heating system inside the property.

System boiler installation in Edenthorpe –  System boilers are known as sealed system boilers since the system is filled to approx. 1 bar pressure and sealed. They’re connected to a hot water storage cylinder, typically installed within the airing cupboard. This kind of boiler does not need to have an expansion tank inside the roof. They may be specifically good for properties with greater than one bathroom due to the fact the combination of boiler and hot water cylinder can provide hot water rapidly to numerous outlets simultaneously.

Open vent boiler installation in Edenthorpe – Open vent boilers are typically connected to two tanks inside the attic area. A small ‘feed and expansion tank’ supplies water for the boiler plus the radiators. A bigger domestic cold water storage tank supplies the cold water feed to an open vent hot water cylinder. Though replacing the boiler and linking it to an existing open vent system is an option, a lot of people opt to get rid of the tanks from the loft and to install a sealed system boiler or even a ‘combi’.

Building Regulations
Gas Safe will be notified of new installations plus a certificate will be sent to you from local building control.


Cost for boiler installation in Edenthorpe?

There are components which help you save hard earned money on boiler installation in Edenthorpe. Let us have a look at them:

The size of the property: The cost of installation is determined by this aspect. In case your home is a large mansion with numerous rooms to be heated, then it suggests that you really should have a lot more radiators to be installed. This would raise the installation charges. If you have any form of future plans to expand or extend your building then it can be better to install a boiler which can take care of additional rooms.

Lack of infrastructure: If you don’t possess the pipe work or the radiators that are important for the installation of the new boiler then this would also raise the boiler installation cost.

Model of the boiler: Should you have opted for a model which costs more for the installation then also you will have to shell out more. The charges vary from 1 model to another. But here I’d like to add that it is far better to go for an high priced boiler since it will cost you significantly less later on while preserving it. Be sure that you decide on models of higher efficiency though they cost you a bit more.

Quotations for boiler installation in Edenthorpe are provided free of charge by Doncaster Plumbing & Heating.